Some of our Cohorts formed many years ago while others are just being added by new members. Cohorts are usually defined as “a group of people banded together” or “a group of people with a common characteristic.” You do not need to be a member to participate in our cohorts although we would greatly appreciate a membership contribution.  In JCo’s case, cohorts are individuals who have come together as Jews with common passions and talents and enjoy each others’ company.

Each cohort is a brainchild of our members.  We aim to connect individuals who share common interests and want to establish relationships with others. Cohort members create memories and experiences thereby creating a community that enjoys being Jewish together while being productive. 

If you would like to join or start a cohort please contact

  • Music Cohort or Shireinu Sandy Sherman and Tirza Arad are leading Shireinu (singing group) every other week on Wednesdays at 2:30 PM.  Some of us have been the “back up singers” during our lively Torah processions and love to sing. If you are interested in participating please contact Sara at . We are now meeting on in-person (must be vaccinated) and on Zoom . 
  • Israeli Dance meets Tuesdays from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Come and join the fun! No experience necessary! All levels welcome! Susan Locker instructs this fun class. Susan will help you learn the details of each step and works with each person in the group to make sure all can perform successfully (pics). A list of videos is provided for home practice (click here on the list). Members are free. Non-members are requested to make a $10 donation per class. Wear comfortable shoes and check out the website calendar for occasional guest instructor, Barbara Birenbaum. Please contact Susan directly with any questions :
    We are now meeting in-person only (must be vaccinated).
  • Cinema Night Cohort meets on first Saturday of every month from 6:30 to 9:30 PM for a movie and a discussion. Susan Locker who takes care of picking the movie and making it available. Cost is $5-10 and includes popcorn; must be 17 years old or older. Babysitting is available off campus. If you are interested in attending, please contact Susan Locker at . We are not meeting during the Covid19 pandemic. 
  • Modern & Adult Hebrew at JCo meets Wednesdays at 1:15PM. We offer two classes; Tirza Arad teaches conversational Hebrew and Eva-Lynn and/or Gabi teach beginner Hebrew and the prayers. Please check the calendar for exact dates and join us on Wednesdays at JCo. Please contact Tirza Arad at
    We are now meeting in-person (must be vaccinated and on Zoom.
  • Monday Torah Study group meets every Monday from 1PM-2PM to discuss this week’s parsha and is led by Andy Shiffman. Discussion focuses on the text, our understanding and scholarly commentaries. Contact Andy Schiffman at: (858) 335-8577 or During the Covid19 Pandemic this group meets online via Zoom.
  • Current Issues Discussion Group  discusses a wide range of topics. All comments and opinions will be welcomed and respected! The purpose of this discussion group should be fun, informational, and help to build stronger relationships between JCo members. Facilitated by Sherwin Chasen, this group usually meets on the 4th Thursday of each month (please check the calendar for the most up to date information). During the Covid19 Pandemic, this group meets on Zoom. For more information contact Sherwin Chasen (760) 445-2226.
  • Fiber Arts Cohort (currently on hold) was created to bring together knitters, crocheters, needle pointers etc to spend time together. We met at JCo on Tuesdays at 10 AM. Sewing and tieing 613 knots on a tallit would be other activities to include. If you are interested in fiber arts, please contact Ilona Szer at
  • Cooking Cohort Susan Locker & Bev Auerbach lead this group which meets on an as needed basis. It runs the annual hamantashen competition during JCo’s Purim Festival and coronates the Hamantashen King after a proper jury selection. This group together with all Events members, also makes all of the tea sandwiches and desserts for our Annual Chai Tea. If you are interested in joining this cohort or have ideas about initiating cooking lessons, please contact Sara at 
  • Visual Arts Cohort (Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus & Ilona Szer) completed the First Tallit Workshop in 2019. We have lots of fabric and ribbon left. If there is sufficient interest, the tallit workshop will be repeated. Please contact Ilona at
  • Book Club meets on the first Saturday of every month from 10:30 to 12PM. Books and facilitators are chosen well in advance Please see the calendar for details. Susan Locker & David Berke are co-leaders. You can view the list of books by clicking on “Book Club” above. If you are interested in participating, please contact Susan at . During the Covid19 Pandemic, these sessions have moved online via Zoom.
  • The Arc & Art of Aging Gracefully meets monthly to discuss women’s challenges as we move into our sixties, seventies, eighties and plus. Women’s Discussion meets  the fourth Saturday of the month at 10:30 AM on Zoom. Facilitated by Marsha Janger. 
  • Games (Poker and Mahjong) meets monthly on Sunday evenings. All sessions are arranged by Jeff Ross. Please find details in the calendar as last minute cancellations may occur. If interested in playing or learning how to play, please contact Jeff at
  • Saturday Morning Yoga with Paul Kurtin – once per month on a Saturday at 9 AM, we start our Sabbath day with yoga, continue with Shabbat Morning Service and end with a bagel nosh.  Paul Kurtin has practiced and taught Yoga for decades; come and experience it as a way of life and not a sweaty exercise opportunity.  Stay in the same clothes for the service.  Check the calendar for times and dates. If interested in joining please contact Paul at During the Covid19 Pandemic, these sessions are weekly and online via Zoom.
  • Family Chavurah (chavurah means fellowship) meets once per month, usually on the Friday that precedes our Saturday morning service. Our families with kids of all ages, come together for dinner and an activity at JCo. This program started in the Fall of 2019 and has been an incredible success thanks to Lori Sandground along with Libby and Gabi. A Chavurah is defined as Fellowship; a small group of Jewish people who assemble for the purpose of sharing a communal experience. Join our monthly family Chavurah at JCo for a Friday evening of fun and food once the Covid19 pandemic passes. Please check the JCo calendar for details and times. The JCo Chavurah is free to members of JCo; non members are asked to donate $10 per event or $50 per year. Additionally, each family is responsible for the cost of the activity for their family. If you are interested, please email Lori Sandground at We are not meeting during the Covid19 pandemic. 
  • Mi Shebeirach Cohort meets monthly, please check the calendar. This cohort was formed to create healing through a focus on meditation, Jewish prayer and wisdom traditions, discoveries from science and discussion. We will actively pray in our monthly meetings for those who are ill or in need of healing with an emphasis on peaceful and loving intention toward all. We invite ideas and contributions which will make this ever evolving, enriching experience. We also welcome anyone to email in the names of those near and far who need healing prayers so we may include them in the space of our healing circle. Please email either Nina Fishman at or Dana Abraham at We are not meeting during the Covid19 pandemic. 
  • Let’s Connect Expanded is a weekly group that meets Sundays at 4:30PM on Zoom where we can check in with each other and offer each other support. We can visit, discuss topics we think are important and best of all – connect and spend time with our JCo Community! We’ll have a structured emotional exploration of topics that inspire us and that bring us fear or challenge. This group aims to allow us to get to know ourselves and each other better in a safe space. Facilitated by Nancy Cohen.
  • Garden Cohort is led by our amazing Bev Auerbach with support from Michael Arad and Corey Meitchik and meets as needed. This cohort keeps our garden free of weeds and pests. Our kumquat tree produces fruit that Bev has made into a delicious jam; always available at JCo for a $10 donation to the Garden Fund. If you like to garden, we need you. Please contact Bevy at