Faith Chronicles, Day 22


I am finally in the quarantine birthday club and let me tell you, for someone who really loves their birthday, it’s a club! Celebrating your birthday (or any milestone) during this time is a unique experience. So much of what we used to do to celebrate is not part of the equation and so we’re left to get creative. I’m used to having parties and friends over, maybe going on a little trip or having a spa day. This year, there would be none of that. So when my mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted, I looked for a picture of the craziest cake I could find and said “this!” We laughed at first and I was only partially joking but when she accepted the challenge, things became so much more exciting.

Yes, the cake was the most exciting part of my birthday! But it gave me something to be excited about. And that’s all I wanted. To celebrate!

It’s hard sometimes to find the energy or will to celebrate during these times but it’s important. Our tradition commands it of us. And that is for a reason. We get to live in what we create and when things are more challenging, we have to up our joy factor. Even if we don’t feel like it. And have faith that what you create will be what you live in. Create wisely and joyfully.

In Judaism, we are taught to pursue justice. I believe that Judaism also wants us to pursue joy. Find the things to celebrate, big or small, and then celebrate in whatever way works for the time we’re living in.

I love you all!

Joyfully yours today,

Rabbi Gabi