Faith Chronicles, Day 24

Some people see faith as a way to just sit and wait for life to happen. Those people either push away the notion of faith because they don’t believe it OR they don’t play an active role in creating the world that THEY want for themselves.

Faith is saying “I am the change I seek.” Faith is reminding yourself that you are the hero you’ve been waiting for. What a concept. It’s simple yet so hard to hold onto. YOU are the one that loves you. YOU are the one that makes decisions for yourself. YOU are your forever soulmate. Knowing that, that’s faith. And it’s much easier to access than just waiting for things to happen.

The world is a bit shaky right now, I know. But we’ve got each other, we can have faith in that. We’ll get through this together. None of us are alone. And if you’re feeling alone, please reach out so I can reconnect you.

I love you all!!