Faith Chronicles, Day 3

I was recently a guest on a podcast where I was asked to speak on the wisdom of patience.” I didn’t prepare for this interview because I thought “if I’m going to be authentic, I’ll have to draw upon the wisdom that is already in me rather than give pre-fabbed answers.” And what was cool about that approach was that I had my own “aha” moments during the interview.

One of those aha moments was the partnership between my patience and my faith. Particularly when it came to raising two daughters. Before I had kids, I had already decided that I was going to be the kind of mom that witnessed her child’s journey rather than create it. I was going to be the kind of mom that gave her child the space to become what they were meant to become. It took tremendous patience but I realized that my patience was propelled by my faith and my faith was being fed by my patience.

The faith that raising my kids this way was the right way for me. It aligned with who I was. The faith that I would be there to support my daughters every step of the way, when they failed, when they were sad, when they were disappointed, when they were figuring things out. The faith that life is about being able to explore who you are and what you love, especially as a child. That faith instilled in me a patience for my girls’ journeys. Patience that made space for more connection, more love, more trust. It’s amazing what faith can do.

I have attached the link to the 10 minute podcast I was on if you’d like to listen.

While my patience is propelled by my faith, for others, their faith may be propelled by their patience. Or maybe they both propel each other. Perhaps practicing patience can lead you to faith or maybe tapping into the faith you already acquire may help you connect more with your patience. I know there are a lot of “what-ifs” here but when it comes to faith, you cannot put it in a box.

Today, explore the relationship between patience and faith within your life.

Love you!

Rabbi Gabi

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