Faith Chronicles, Day 7

Many of us are asking “Am I doing enough?” I’d be lying if I said that I don’t ask myself that same question several times a day. The question seeps in. The secret is not to let the question turn into doubt but to acknowledge it, and then ask some more questions. Some of those questions may be:

Am I awake to what’s happening around me?

Am I curious about it?

Am I taking any kinds of steps of action?

Am I learning?

Am I listening?

Am I engaging?

Am I humble?

Am I willing to admit when I’m wrong?

Am I willing to correct?

Am I committing?

And so much more…

For me, once I ask those questions and check in with myself and validate that I’m actually doing all those things, I’m able to allow time and space to take me where I need to go. Faith. I have faith that I will become stronger, more knowledgeable, more connected, more authentic in the process. And the result is that I have.

Faith is not blind. Especially when having faith that what you are doing is enough. It takes some introspection, some correction, some humility. It’s the same faith that Nachshon had when he jumped into the Red Sea. He had no idea what would happen but he knew that something would. And within him was the faith that no matter what happened, he would handle it. Faith drives you forward. Doubt holds you back. Faith moves mountains. Doubt just creates them.

Let our faith allow us to move mountains so that we can stop asking “am I doing enough” and start asking, “what mountain can I move next?”

Love you all! Let’s move mountains together!

Rabbi Gabi