Omer Day 2

Psalm 30

Verse 6

For there is a moment

of Your anger,

A lifetime of Your favor;

In the evening,

crying moves in,

But in the morning—song!

(Translation is from Rabbi Richard Levy’s book, Songs Ascending)


What is unconditional love? How hard is it for us to give it? Maybe even harder to receive. And how often do we wrestle with the notion of unconditional self love?

This verse reminds us that unconditional love is everything. It is fear, it’s anger, it’s hurt, it’s sadness, it’s joy, it’s elation. Unconditional love is simply (easier said than done) accepting where we are at each given moment, being aware of it, and then moving through it. We can find ourselves going from the wave of fear into the wave of strength. The wave of joy into the wave of laziness. We don’t know what wave lies ahead so we may as well carry ourselves through it with love and acceptance. Just as we can for others. Moments are filled with all sorts of things but they are just moments. The choice lies in how we carry ourselves through it.

Rabbi Gabi