Omer Day 21

“A Song of Ascendings.

Happy is everyone who holds God in awe,

Who walks in God’s ways.”


What an amazing concept: to bring ourselves to a state of awe and then walk on its path. Think about it. We have the power to create the world that we live in. We’ve already proven that at JCo. We wanted a community that loves each other, accepts each other, and learns from each other. And now we are here, 6 years later, in awe of the community that we have. We created that. And we each have the power to do it for ourselves.

What brings you to awe? Is it creativity? Someone’s capacity for kindness? Miracles?

I decided that I’m going to make a new vision board for myself, only instead of envisioning all the things I want for myself, I’m going to envision myself living in a world created by awe. And then I’m going to walk its path. If you feel drawn to it, create an awe vision board for yourself. Use whatever materials you have. Then place it somewhere as a reminder of the life you are creating.

I’m in awe of all of you. You’re doing it.