Omer Day 22

“Test me, Adonai, try me,

Examine my inmost self, my heart!”


I haven’t met too many people who enjoy being tested and for some of us, it can feel like we are constantly being tested. As a student, how did you prepare yourself for tests? Did you study, did you procrastinate, did you make a thousand flash cards? Did you prepare yourself at all?

In our lives, we have to prepare ourselves as much as possible so that when we are tested, we can have faith in the work that we’ve already done to help us through.

There are two things to focus on here. The first is that we are in a constant state of learning, studying, preparing. The second is that tests serve a purpose. They allow us to see how far we’ve come and how much work we’ve done. They also allow us to see where we can continue growing.

I’ve learned to embrace tests. I’ve learned to use them to my advantage. To collect data.

Tests are there to validate our work.

Do not fear the tests. Do not fall victim to them. Embrace your opportunity to see just how far you’ve come. And you’ve come far!

Love you,