Omer Day 25

“How great is Your goodness, which You have stored away for those who revere You;”


My friend asked today, “what is it that you’re not willing to question during this time?” I quickly answered “goodness.” I am not willing to question the goodness in humanity. And I realized that this is what has gotten me through these past few months.

There is so much happening right now. Acts of love and kindness, deep connection, hurt, protest, fight. Everything has come up to the surface. And we see it all. Now we decide what we pay attention to. And the most important thing about what we choose to pay attention to is that it becomes the data we collect to validate our beliefs. If we focus on the goodness that exists in the world, we won’t stop having faith that goodness does exist.

I’m not saying that we should be in denial about the shadow part of our existence. What I am saying is that if we continue to live with the belief that humanity is mostly good, then we can get through all of it.

Today, focus on the goodness around (and within) you. Recognize it in every form and take note. Live within the goodness.

I love you.