Omer Day 27

“Send forth Your light and Your truth that they may lead me;

Let them bring me to Your holy mountain, and to Your dwelling-places;”


This morning, a friend and I shared some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in 2020. The places in which we’ve worked hard and grown. The word that has come up a lot for me through conversations and experiences in the last several months is TRUTH. For many, this has been a time of great introspection, they have searched for the inner truth of who they are. For others, they have found a shift in their relationships (especially those in quarantine together) and so they’ve had to find the words to express the truth of what it is they need right now. And for many of us all over the world, we’ve struggled with the fact that the truth, the core of this virus, is yet to be reached.

In all cases, I realized that only from truth, can healing arise. The more we find out about ourselves, the more we can heal those parts of us that have been in need of healing. The more we express the truth of what we need in a relationship, the more we can heal those parts of our relationship that are in need of healing. The more we realize exactly who we are and what we’ve become as humanity, the more we can heal the parts of humanity that are in need of healing.

This is a time for truth, and a journey to the truth. This is a time to come face to face with it because we’ve been given the space and time. From truth comes healing. Don’t be scared of it. Don’t deny it either. The truth will lead us to the holy mountain. And at that mountain, will be everything we’ve been searching for.

Love you all, truthfully!