Omer Day 29

“You are clothed in surpassing splendor Wrapping Yourself in light like a cloak,

Unwrapping the heavens like a curtain of smoke, Laying the beams of Your upper chambers in the waters,

Turning clouds into Your chariot,

Walking about on the wings of the wind, Making the winds Your messengers;

Flaming fire, Your ministers.”


I’d like for you to try something. Read the above psalm to yourself, only read it as though this psalm was written for and about you. Go do it now and then keep reading.

What if this is how you saw yourself? As someone who is clothed in splendor and cloaked with light? As someone who had the power to unwrap the heavens and walk about on the wind of the wings? What if you were this godly?

I’m here to remind you that you are this godly and that you DO have the power to bring heavenly traits to earth: Love, compassion, humility, kindness, acceptance, light. This psalm was written as a love letter to God. But we are made in God’s image. We are meant to rise above the mundane and find godliness with ourselves.

Today, read the words from the psalm to yourself as many times as it takes to feel it. Use it as a love letter to yourself. Remind yourself of who you actually are when you drop all the stuff that doesn’t really matter. Today, see the godliness within you and share it with yourself and, if you’re comfortable, others.

I love you and I see you,