Omer Day 30

Rest, rest, rest



I know it may seem like we’ve been resting a lot these past few months but even in the midst of quarantine we can knowingly or unknowingly keep ourselves very occupied with things to do. Phone calls, FaceTime, drama, gardening, cleaning out the garage, baking, etc.

Today, slow yourself down. Don’t try and make time pass. Instead be one with time. Go along with it. Rest and let time steer the boat for a day. We’re all spending our days in different ways so every person’s “rest” is going to look differently. For some it will be a physical rest while for others it will be an emotional one. If you can let go of all the things you think you have to do and live in the space beneath it, you will find rest. We’ve been given the gift of Shabbat, the gift of a day of rest. Receive it.

Love you all,