Omer Day 31

“May Adonai respond to you on a troubled day;

May the name “God of Jacob” lift you up,”


This psalm is said to have been written as a description of God’s relationship to us as mother. Yes, this psalm depicts God as our mother. With nine verses, signifying the 9 months of pregnancy, psalm 20 is about the unconditional love that a mother has for her child. She is there when you’re in trouble, lifts you up when you need lifting, loves you from her innermost core, accepts you, loves you how you need to be loved, guides you, is grateful for your existence, wants to heal all your hurt, protects you, celebrates you, and runs toward you when you call. It’s all there in the psalm (read the whole psalm).

Humans are not perfect. Neither are mothers. But the description above is the nature of a mother. It’s what is inside all of them. This omer inspiration is to all the moms. I see you. I see your love, I see your struggle, I see your doubt, I see you trying your best. I see your joy and your sadness. I see how you just want to fix things for your child. Thank you for being a mom, for bringing life into this world, for contributing to everlasting creation. We celebrate you and all that comes with being a mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Rabbi Gabi