Omer Day 34

“The Torah of Adonai is complete, restoring life;”



It finally hit me this week that we may be in this for the long haul. I wasn’t surprised nor was I angry or sad. But I did feel myself begin to disconnect. Sometimes that’s easier. I’ve said it before, we’re in a marathon, and I reached that point in mile 3 where you think to yourself “what have I gotten myself into?”

I don’t like feeling disconnected. I feel like I lose something when I do it. I lose the pulse of the situation and then it’s harder for me to have clarity on what’s going on and how I feel about it. I’m not going through the experience. I’m simply just passing through. I’m not into that.

I had to remind myself this week that the solution for feeling disconnected is very simple: reconnect! That reconnection looks different for each of us. For me it’s finding gratitude again. It’s finding small purposes like a puzzle, or cooking, or cleaning out a room, or planning zoom hangouts. Reconnecting allows me to continue the marathon with renewed life.

I love you all. Don’t forget to connect with your JCo community. It makes a huge difference!