Omer Day 42


“Sing to Adonai a song that is new”



Such power in so few words. “Sing to Adonai a song that is new.” Just as a parent gets enjoyment from watching their child grow, so too does God get joy from seeing our growth. As children, we are meant to try new things, to fail, to succeed, to try something else. As adults, it’s no different.

We are not meant to be stagnant. We’re not meant to remain the same. It’s why we’re tested. Not to see if we can handle it, but so we can be given the opportunity to grow and see life with renewed eyes.

I have learned so many lessons in this quarantine, about myself, about human nature. I am most certainly going to come out of this singing a new song to God. What that song sounds like is yet to be determined, but I’m grateful that it will be new.

During this time, keep track of how you’ve changed, of the new perspectives you’ve gained. Forgive yourself for all the moments you are not proud of and allow them to be your teachers. Rejoice in the transformation, stop and celebrate how far you’ve come. Reflect, rejoice, renew.

I know the road ahead is unknown but remind yourself of just how far you’ve come.

I love you!

Rabbi Gabi