Omer Day 43

“Let them go, and know that I am God—

I am high above the nations, I am high above the earth!”


Tonight, my best friend and I decided to look at our journey through quarantine: see our struggles in it, see the places we have grown, and decide how we we want to BE moving forward. In doing so, we each came up with “I Am” statements for our journey. “I Am” statements anchor in the person you know yourself to be and the parts of yourself you want to bring to the forefront in your every day life. In spiritual terms, it’s a reach for your higher self. And we could all use a bit of our higher selves right now.

During these last few months I have grown to soften my heart, to be more accepting of people’s struggles, to see all of us with “just” eyes. Which to me meant not judging anyone (including myself) in how they are moving through this time. It’s important for me to anchor that in, to remind myself of what I’ve learned and how I want to show up.

Who are you at your highest self? Are you loving? Kind? Strong? Compassionate? Resourceful? Creative? Take some time to think of the lessons you have learned and how you’ve grown. What have you discovered about yourself? What parts of yourself do you want to shine through? Come up with three I AM statements for yourself. Write them down and repeat them as many times a day and for as many days as it takes to finally “walk in it.”


I am inspiring

I am resilient

I am patient

I am loving

I am soft-hearted

You have come a long way and have learned a lot. Take some time to anchor it in. Give yourself that gift because you earned it.

I love you for all that you are,

Rabbi Gabi