Omer Day 47

“1 Hall’lu-Yah!

Acclaimed are creatures who revere Adonai!

Beloved in their eyes are God’s commandments.

2 Conquerors will their seed be in the earth,

Devoted, upright, a blessed generation.

3 Enrichment and plenty will fill their homes,

Forever will their justice stand.

4 Glowing in the darkness, a beacon to the upright,

Honoring God’s lesson of grace, compassion, and justice.

5 Innately good are the souls who lend graciously,

Judiciously ordering their affairs,

6 Knowing they will never be moved,

Long, long remembered as righteous human beings.

7 Malicious tidings do not scare them,

Never wavering is their heart, trusting in Adonai;

8 On their heart they rely, never fearing to

Peer down at their oppressors.

9 Quite generously they give to the poor—

Righteousness stands with them forever,

Soaring high in glory is their horn.

10 Transgressors will see and rage,

Unhappily gnashing their teeth, melting away—

Zeal of the wicked? Destroyed!


This is one of my favorite psalms for so many reasons. It’s a celebration and an ode, not only to God, but to ourselves. It celebrates the choices we make when faced with challenge. We’re devoted, we’re upright, we’re a beacon, we’re righteous, courageous, and generous. To me, reading this psalm is like saying to whatever challenge we face (pandemic) “hey, you may try to take me down, but I’m not going! I’m going to stay the course of goodness and truth and faith. I will not be wavered!”

We can use this psalm as a validation for all that we are doing. And we can use it as motivation for all the things we have yet to get done. We can use it as our road map through this journey and we can tell ourselves that we are all those things described. Read this psalm as if it was written specifically for and about you.

Continue to be gracious and kind, a light to yourself and others. Continue being righteous and compassionate, and remind yourself that plenty fills your home.

We are two days away from Shavuot. Two more omer inspirations and we have reached our destination. Is this the end? No. It is just a destination. A place where we will stop, take a look at how far we’ve come, enjoy the present for a bit, and then continue on our journey.

Where it will take us, only time will tell. But I promise that we’ll do it together!

Thank you all for being on this journey with me. I love you!

Rabbi Gabi

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