Omer Day 48

“One thing have I sought from Adonai—how I long for it:

That I may live in the House of Adonai all the days of my life; “That I may look upon the sweetness of Adonai,

And spend time in the Palace׃

That You might hide me in Your sukkah on a chaotic day,

Hide me in the hiding places of Your tent,

Raise me high upon a rock.”


We all want to feel safe, to feel protected, to be comforted when we need comforting. We long for it. And there are times when we find it. And there are times when we seek it.

One of the most important and most loving things we can do for ourselves is to search for the ways in which we can be our own protector, our own comfort, our own sense of safety. What are the things we can do for ourselves to bring us into that space?

I find safety when I’m spending quality time with my girls. Putting my phone down and just being present to them. I find comfort when I make myself a nice meal and watch my favorite show. I feel protected when I do things like lock the doors, wash my hands, invest in my future. I do all these things FOR myself because even when the world is chaotic, I can provide that for myself. It’s what I CAN control.

We forget sometimes that all the things we long for, we can provide for ourselves. When we say that we are made in the image of God, it’s the truth. God is our protector, our comfort, our safety. God lifts us up when we are low and provides a safe haven for us when we need to escape. We are all those things as well.

Ask yourself: how do I show myself comfort? How do I protect myself because I am precious cargo that needs to be protected? In what ways do I provide safety for myself? What are the things that I do to make me feel safe?

I love you all and I see the love that you have inside of you.

Rabbi Gabi

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