Omer Day 49

“Create anew a clean heart in me, O God, And a steadfast spirit renew inside me.”



We did it! We have arrived at the final day of our 49 day renewal journey. We looked inside, we assessed, we learned, we grew, we cleansed. Take a moment to thank yourself for going on this journey – for the commitment you made to it- even if it just meant reading the omer email every day.

Today, take note (maybe journal) of all the lessons that you’ve learned in the past 7 weeks, all the aha moments, all the moments of inner truth. Reflect on them, cherish them. You gave yourself that gift. And tomorrow, when we celebrate Shavuot, we will celebrate the gifts that have been given to us. The gift of Torah. The gift of life and nature. The gift of Shabbat and holidays. The gift of love and connection. The gift of gratitude and choice. The gift of communal experiences. The gift of journeys and destinations. We will celebrate it all because we have been given the gift of celebration as well!

Join us for zoom services on Friday night at 6:30 pm.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey. It has been an honor and a privilege. Truly. I promise I will keep reflecting with you and lovingly nudging you along on your growth journey. Hugs and kisses!

Rabbi Gabi