Omer Day 8

“Zealously You have hearkened to the humble, Adonai;

Zones of tenderness in their hearts You have prepared.

Zooming in with Your ear to each of their desires,”


This psalm is so important because it gives us directions for accessing connection to Godliness.

Connection happens when our hearts are open. Our hearts open when we are humbled.

I think the reason that so many of us are feeling so connected, so aware, so awake right now is because we have all had to fall into humility. We have been humbled. We lived a certain life with certain wants and we soon realized how to distinguish between what we want and what actually need. We realized that what we needed could not be bought.

We were humbled, we opened our hearts, and we connected.

My wish is that we take this with us to post quarantine time. May we now know what is truly important in our lives. And May we remain connected through it all.