Pirkei Avot, Day 23


One of my favorite aspects of Judaism is the emphasis on asking questions. Our sages and our tradition (as laid out behind us) don’t want us to blindly follow anything. We’re encouraged to question, to debate, to renew, THAT is our tradition. That wrestling and exploration and growth that results from it, that is what is important. The rituals and prayers and commemorations, they are all there to guide us but it’s the experience of real living, with its ups and downs, and doubt and rediscovery, that truly matters.

We cannot be afraid to question. We cannot be afraid to misunderstand. We cannot be afraid of listening. We cannot be afraid of truth. We have to face them all head on and be willing to shed the layers of thoughts and beliefs. As we grow, we get closer and closer to the secret within life. That requires questioning, discovering, and letting go of our old selves at every turn.

Don’t be afraid to evolve. I promise you, you will only grow wiser and more amazing. More of the truth of who you are.

Love you!

Rabbi Gabi