Pirkei Avot, Day 29

I love learning. I love expanding my knowledge of life and faith and what it means to be human. But when I get to live in moments of service, that is when I feel most connected to God. I feel it when I do weddings or funerals, when I’m guiding someone through difficult times, when someone calls out for help and I step forward. Being in service dissipates any need for or seeking of any kind of greatness. As the wisdom from our past says, my feast and crown are greater when I am considering the needs of others.

During this time of unrest it’s hard to look past our own struggles and fears. We are in survival mode just trying to make it through this storm. Try to find ways to step outside yourself and help where help is needed.

I sent out an email yesterday, looking for volunteers to feed our local homeless. The outpouring of people stepping up to help was heart warming. The energy that comes with saying “Here I am” is not only inspired but it’s contagious. I love that our sages felt the same way.

We don’t need much and we receive the best gifts when we are in service. The gifts of purpose, connection, and our participation in the healing of our world.

I love you! Thank you to those who stepped up yesterday. It’s truly an honor to be in community with all of you!

Rabbi Gabi