Pirkei Avot, Day 30

We have reached the final day of our Pirkei Avot series (don’t worry, I have something else in store for us), a series that took us deep into the ethical work we are called to do. We’ve pondered wisdom and kindness, judgment and learning. We’ve learned to ask questions and not accept others’ truths as our own. Compassion, surrender, service, they’ve all inhabited our minds and souls for the past 30 days and my wish for you is that you continue the work.

I wanted to leave you with this final message from our sages. The message of the journey. The work we do whether for ourselves or for others is not work that is done for reward. It is not work that takes us toward any destination. The work, the effort, is the journey. It IS the reward. Keep doing it. Keep engaging with yourself, with the world around you, with the wisdom that came before you. Keep reaching for more love, more kindness, more service, more learning, more compassion, more connection. And don’t forget to stop and look around you every once in a while.

I love you and I’ve enjoyed delving into this beautiful part of our tradition. More to come soon…

Rabbi Gabi