Faith Chronicles 

  • 30 Day Journey Through Faith

    I’m back!!

    Many of you have written me saying how sad you were that the Omer is over, that you needed something to be able to hold onto. I heard you and I’m here. I give you “The Faith Chronicles:” a 30 day journey through faith. Because we could all use it right now.

  • For the past few years, I have really been interested in the notion of faith, mainly because so many people I consider to be spiritual beings have struggled with the term. We hear about faith when it comes to religious practices and having faith in God. And while that may be one aspect of faith, it is so much more complex than that.

  • Over the next 30 day’s we’re going to explore what faith is and what role it plays in each of our lives; together! I’ll bring in Jewish texts, I’ll share stories about my relationship with faith, I may even interview a few people. My hope is that you will each come to have a newer and clearer perspective on faith and how it can elevate your lives

  • I’ll title each email “faith chronicles.” This way, you can decide whether to open that email and join us on the journey.

    Your first challenge: write down your definition of faith. Don’t look it up, don’t judge yourself, define it from where you are right now.


  • I have faith that these next 30 days will bring us closer to each other and closer to ourselves. I am so excited to embark on another journey together.

    Love you all!

    Rabbi Gabi